Pet Recovery Tips


Losing your pet can be a scary time for both you and your furry friend! Here are some helpful tips to reunite you with your fur baby as quickly as possible!

  1. Physically look for your pet at the shelter on a daily basis! While many shelters have information posted online about the animals that they take in, it is always best to look for your pet in person! The addresses for our local shelters are:
  • Animal Friends of the Valleys – 33751 Mission Trail, Wildomar, CA 92595
  • San Jacinto Animal Campus – 581 S Grand Ave, San Jacinto CA 92582
  1. Fill out a Lost Pet report here on our website. Our Team will scour through Lost and Found reports daily to try to match you up with your lost pet.
  2. Use social media as a tool in networking your pet! Check out the below websites for lost and found pet information. When you post, please make sure you include a photo of your pet along with a location of where they went missing from and as many identifying details as possible (name, age, sex, if they are spayed/neutered, identifying markings, etc.). If your pet is shy, scared, may bite, or even run if found, make sure to include that information as well!
  1. Contact the microchip company. If a dog is found, any local vet or animal shelter can scan an animal for a microchip.  A microchip is the best identification for a pet.
  2. Check with neighbors for sightings of your pet.
  3. Place signs up in the area the animal was lost or found.
  4. Check with the local veterinarians to see if anyone has brought in your pet for a vet visit. Some people will to check for a microchip.
  5. Do not give up! Keep looking for your pet!