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  • Fostering is a fun family activity that can help inspire animal compassion in the younger generation. However, the main foster contact must be at least 18 years old (have this person complete the application).
  • You must have reliable transportation for shuttling animal(s) to the shelter for checkups or vaccinations, vet appointments, or evacuating them in case of an emergency.
  • You must have a schedule that allows you to meet the needs of foster animals in your care.


Complete an online application by clicking “APPLY TODAY” and our Team will get back to you as soon as possible!

*Please note, our Foster department does their best to match the right pets to the right families, so we appreciate your patience as we contact each applicant!

If you have any questions reguarding your application, don’t hesitate to email or call (951) 674 – 0618 extension 216

The length of foster assignments varies based on the needs of the animal. Some of our youngest foster animals need around the clock care including feedings every 2-3 hours while other foster animals can be left at home for up to ten hours at a time. We will match you with a foster assignment that works with your schedule, availability, and interests.

Animal Friends of the Valleys is proud to provide all the necessary training, supplies and support you will need to care for your foster animals. This includes things like bowls, bedding, toys and crates as well as bigger expenses like food, litter, medication and veterinary services.

YES! Although the foster program’s intended purpose is not to facilitate foster-to-adopt scenarios and is not meant as a “trial period” for adopting an animal, we would be happy to complete your adoption for you.

Foster volunteers often fall in love with a pet they are fostering and it is indeed acceptable to adopt your foster pet. Foster adoptions are still subject to the same city ordinances as any other application, an example would be that our jurisdiction only allows a maximum of 4 dogs in one household.

Yes it is. Fosters definitely need the ability to say goodbye, and it can be a bittersweet moment to see the animal(s) you cared for going to their forever home. Please remember that fostering is a temporary situation and letting go of one foster pet enables you to help another in need. Although each adoption saves a life, a great foster parent can save many lives by socializing and rehabilitating pets that need a little extra time and care to be ready for a forever home.